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Name: ISSUE©
Timeline: 5 years
Context: IST Research and Development, followed by feasibility and deployment
Partners: industry, universities and city test beds
Project budget: 6 MEURO (year 1 and 2)
We developed the ISSUE concept for a wide e-democracy research project. Bits and pieces are re-used in other projects, but the broad picture can only be completed in a holistic project. The concept of ISSUE© was developed with many e-democracy experts, and received written support by political parties on many European levels. Please contact us if you are interested in this concept.

ISSUE© is the Interactive Support System for Usergroups in E-democracies. It targets research and development of "Online-support of democratic processes". The basic idea is that democratic processes have reached a crisis. One of the possibilities to counter this is by involving citizens in the political debate. And especially improving the relationship between voters and elected politicians. We focus on personal trust and mass communication.

We want to make broad societal discussions possible. Discuss one or more issues with more than a million people. That requires new technology. See it as "upside down television". Television is communication from "one" to "many". We will bring about communication from "many" to "one" (and from "many" to "many") in a structured form. We need a project budget of 6 million Euro. We already have half of that. With that money we will develop new technologies that we will put in the market as "open source". But, within two years we will be able to build a commercial application based on that new technology.

Our concept plan is very detailed and has good prospects. With co-investors and/or European subvention it is certainly feasible.

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