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Volume Blast
Name: Volume Blast©
Timeline: 2 years
Context: IST Demonstration
Partners: at least one large content provider, some public administrations, should be industry-led
Project budget: 6 MEURO (est.)
The "Volume Blast©" concept is for use in a project with at least one large content provider who is interested in distributing large volume databases. Since the bandwidth of the Internet is problematic, and solutions may be available, we think IST Demonstration is the best choice. Please contact us if you are interested in this concept.

The main objective of this concept is the validation of a service platform in terms of:

  • facility of development and configuration of new services from the public and private administrations (including electronic publishers and owners of large volume repositories)
  • high availability of harmonised data and services from the citizen, from public and private organisations point of view
The public and private organisations should consider the platform as a useful enabling and promotional tool to spread their data information in very different representations, integrating the structured data and informal information.

The target users for the service are the citizens, who desire to access information sources owned by the public administrations and by private organisations (typically service providers and electronic publishers) as well as outside people who want acquire information about the cities and regions, their population, cultural environment, services and economic activities, in order to develop relationships with regional entities.

A key feature of the concept is the ability to promote the economic and social development of the interested area, by improving the available services and the facility to access and use them. The integration of the services and their remote availability will boost the potentialities of the region in the economic field but also in the social field, because many services which will be made available for the enterprises as well as for the single citizens.

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