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Electro Patches
Name: Electro Patches©
Timeline: 2 years
Context: TEN Telecom feasibility
Partners: proprietor of technology, at least 2 electricity companies, content provider
Project budget: no estimate, depends on technology and test bed size
We developed the "Electro Patches©" concept for use in a project with electricity companies. We think a TEN Telecom feasibility project is appropriate. The technology is not a real novelty anymore (i.e. IST 5th Framework R&D is not applicable) but the idea of a patchwork of networks is not ready for a TEN Telecom deployment project yet. Please contact us if you are interested in this concept.

Technology is available that enables electricity companies to convert their infrastructures into information access networks. It allows electricity companies to provide a service that solves the major problems facing Internet access to consumers' homes, data transmission rates and capital (investment) cost.

In the Electro Patches© concept a number of electricity companies band together to create a series of islands of good connectivity within Europe in terms of local loop connectivity to the Internet. By creating a patchwork a virtual or physical Trans European broadband Network will come into being. The interconnection between islands of Electro Patch© networks is most likely to be through standard Internet peering and transit arrangements.

The availability of high bandwidth is moving higher and higher on the agenda's of providers. Major benefits for distribution companies that choose the role of Network Providers include:

  • low connection cost due to reuse of existing infrastructure
  • mass connection to existing power customers
  • leveraging of investments in a multi-service data network while providing additional ways to offer other value-added network services
  • a system architecture which allows for ready-made connection to available network capacity in many existing back-haul network configurations

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