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Name: Infocities
Timeline: 1997-2006
Context: TEN Telecom 1996, feasibility, deployment and business phases
Co-ordinator: City of Den Haag (NL)
Partners: 17 cities, 35 industrial partners
Project budget: 300 MEURO
Penetration: 1 mln. registered users (sept. 1998)
The project aims at integrating the results of initiatives of the participating cities by using common infrastructures and standards. The common technology platform supports real applications in: education, health, transport, culture, electronic commerce and city information. In the 10 years project the target is 2.5 million individuals and collective customers. The feasibility phase (1997-1999) addressed interoperability of services, application selection and business planning, involving 8 cities and 160,000 initial users.

N.B.: At the review of the first phase by independent experts of the European Commission in April 1999 there was special attention for the "excellent project management". No small matter given the size of the project.

The feasibility phase ended in 1999. Several deployment initiatives started to form the next Infocities phase. One of these initiatives also runs under TEN Telecom: VirtuHalls©.

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