About the logo

There is a bit of a story behind the logo. The basis of it is the Infocities project logo. In it you see the "smiley". This smiley was introduced as a token of membership for projects of the Infocities Office team. We call it the "Nice connection", after the city of Nice where we had a very productive meeting in September 1998. The smiley represents our motto: "Don't worry, be happy, we solve any project management problem". If you see the "Nice connection" on a mobile phone or in a logo, you can be certain the projects of the Infocities Office team are not far.

We usually work as free-lance staff members of the project co-ordinator. Therefore the logos of the project, of the project co-ordinator and of the project members are used to represent the project. We will in these cases not put emphasise on the Infocities Office logo. However, often we have the opportunity to smuggle the smiley into the project logo. As the sign of Infocities Office quality.

All projects, proposals, concepts, illustrations, texts, etc. on this Web site are protected by intellectual property rights. Contact us before you use any of them.