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    The cities of Den Haag, Helsinki, Leeds, Livorno, Newcastle Upon Tyne and Rome have combined their efforts to demonstrate how the quality of life of the less-favoured European citizen in urban areas, could be improved by providing integrated social, health and local civic teleservices, using generic multi-media telematics value-added delivery systems.

    During the first stage of the project 6 demonstrators were implemented and validated independently in the six EU city sites during relatively large scaled trials with end-user groups (20 - 50 per site for dedicated applications and 500 - 5000 for generic services), using mature technologies such as TELETEXT and the World Wide Web, to network owners, suppliers and research organisations developing services at the leading edge of technology such as interactive cable TV and ATM service networks. At the end of the project this 6 multi-purpose delivery mechanisms will be enriched by migrated applications from and to the partner cities.

    The outputs of EQUALITY are two fold.

    • the demonstration across the union that cities can begin to migrate their systems to teleservice provision along a logical and consistent development path leading to ATM switched interactive broadband networks and beyond at an entry cost of under 10,000 ECU per region (for TELETEXT or World Wide Web based services) migrating through 2-way cable TV and ISDN services as services develop, development thresholds reached and funding becomes available.

    • the conversion tools to and from other European Standard Systems. These will be used in prototype form within the project and will be available as final products within six months of the completion of the project.

    Check out the Equality deliverables at the TURA Web site. Click here.